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The Quietus – Spool’s Out: Cassette Release Roundup For February   Vital Weekly no. 1121
Tabs Out – New Batch: Hasana Editions   WFMU – 100% Whatever w/ Mary Wing
Vital Weekly no. 1121   Vital Weekly no. 1148
Whiteboard Journal [XVIII-III + XVIII-IV]   Tome to The Weather Machine Episode 040
Vital Weekly no. 1148   WFMU – The Frow Show w/ Jesse Jarnow 
Houdini Mansions   WFMU – Stan
We Need No Swords   WFMU – Polyglot w/ Jesse Dorris
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The Wire 419 – Robert Barry’s Modern Composition Top 10 of 2018   Cashmere Radio – Open Sources w/ Jessica Ekomane
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Bandcamp Daily   BBC Radio 3
Tone Glow   NTS – Emotional Landscapes
  The Size of Various Objects
Tiny Mix Tapes
  Vital Weekly no. 1183 
Noise Not Music
  Spool’s Out #164 
Tabs Out
   BBC Radio 3 Late Junction
Just Outside
  Lyl Radio 
Vital Weekly no. 1183   between two points Dec 2019 by Richard Chartier 
Tabs Out
  Toneshift #16 
The Wire 426 – Unlimited Editions feature
  Toneshift #18 
Cassette Gods
  Cashmere Radio: Open Sources #20 – Ujikaji takeover 
  BBC Radio 3 Late Junction: Revitalised sounds and private press cassettes 
The Quietus’ Tape Label of the Year 2019
  Porous Borders w/ Andrew Hartwig 
Boomkat Charts 2019: Kevin Drumm / Sam Weaver / Will Boyd / Nyege Nyege Tapes   Hasana Editions w/ Duto Hardono – Noods Radio 14.06.20 
Tabs Out Top 200 Tapes 2019
  NTS- Emotional Landscape 09.01.20 
Vital Weekly no. 1213   NTS – Vladislav Dobrovolski 
Musicworks Winter 2019 feature
Mapping New Territories with Hasana Editions, by Antoni Michnik (in Polish only for now)    
The Quietus Spool’s Out November ’20
Noise Not Music: gi n ga review