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The Quietus – Spool’s Out: Cassette Release Roundup For February   Vital Weekly no. 1121
Tabs Out – New Batch: Hasana Editions   WFMU – 100% Whatever w/ Mary Wing
Vital Weekly no. 1121   Vital Weekly no. 1148
Whiteboard Journal [XVIII-III + XVIII-IV]   Tome to The Weather Machine Episode 040
Vital Weekly no. 1148   WFMU – The Frow Show w/ Jesse Jarnow 
Houdini Mansions   WFMU – Stan
We Need No Swords   WFMU – Polyglot w/ Jesse Dorris
Just Outside   W_Music – Selected: Hasana Editions
The Wire 419 – Robert Barry’s Modern Composition Top 10 of 2018   Cashmere Radio – Open Sources w/ Jessica Ekomane
Tabs Out Top 200 Tapes of 2018   WFMU – The Frow Show w/Jesse Jarnow
The Jakarta Post – Top 5 Indonesian Albums of 2018   WFMU – Scott Williams’ show
Bandcamp Daily   BBC Radio 3
Tone Glow   NTS – Emotional Landscapes
  The Size of Various Objects
Tiny Mix Tapes
  Vital Weekly no. 1183 
Noise Not Music
  Spool’s Out #164 
Tabs Out
   BBC Radio 3 Late Junction
Just Outside
  Lyl Radio 
Vital Weekly no. 1183   between two points Dec 2019 by Richard Chartier 
Tabs Out
  Toneshift #16 
The Wire 426 – Unlimited Editions feature
  Toneshift #18 
Cassette Gods
  Cashmere Radio: Open Sources #20 – Ujikaji takeover 
  BBC Radio 3 Late Junction: Revitalised sounds and private press cassettes 
The Quietus’ Tape Label of the Year 2019
  Porous Borders w/ Andrew Hartwig 
Boomkat Charts 2019: Kevin Drumm / Sam Weaver / Will Boyd / Nyege Nyege Tapes   Hasana Editions w/ Duto Hardono – Noods Radio 14.06.20 
Tabs Out Top 200 Tapes 2019
Vital Weekly no. 1213    
Musicworks Winter 2019 feature
Mapping New Territories with Hasana Editions, by Antoni Michnik (in Polish only for now)