Anne-F Jacques, Ryoko Akama, Takamitsu Ohta
The Magic City

This edition documented a collaboration of three international composers working with found objects and mundane artifacts. The trio of Anne-F Jacques (CA), Ryoko Akama (JP/GB) and Takamitsu Ohta (JP) created slow intensifications using installations of modified devices and movements. An investigation of intermingling whirs and clangs, sometimes soft and tiny, raised from glass bottles, rocks, newspaper, pvc pipes, matches, electronics or dried leaves, begging the listeners to decipher and keep guessing what provoked every incidents. It is a showcase of motions, a narration on process, a phenomena through forces, an ode to Kosugi.

A: Chris in the magic city
B: Holly in the city magic

Edition of 100. Hand-stamped pro-dubbed C42 NAC super-ferric cassette tape with recto/verso printed silver card. Made & duped in USA. Printed in Indonesia. Including download code of high quality digital version.