Kate Carr

This year London has experienced several weekends of the hottest summer and that moved the Australian sound artist Kate Carr, whose practice is centred on articulating the relationship between people and place through sound, to point her microphone at the city. This volume is based on her recordings during a particularly hot long weekend in a corner of very busy intersection in London, where she resides now. In Heatwave, Carr is interested in both the serious and also the more prosaic aspects of soundscapes related to climate change. She investigated the throbbing summer music from her neighborhood, people’s efforts to keep cool, and the uneasiness which accompanies these everyday activities in this moment of environmental crisis. The way these pieces construct and compensate, with all the tangible sounds that fold into larger moods via multiple instruments, exemplifies her acumen in creating sonic stories that reflect our multi-layered experience of reality.

A1 Shimmers Rising
A2 Humidity
A3 Sticky Skin
B1 A New Fan
B2 Intersection
B3 Your Summer Can Now Grow My Plants

Edition of 100. Hand-stamped pro-dubbed C30 NAC super-ferric cassette tape with recto/verso printed silver card. Made & duped in USA. Printed in Indonesia. Including download code of high quality digital version.

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