Bruno Duplant

Bruno Duplant’s music often explores the memories of things, moments, and spaces. For this volume, he realizes the idea by religiously recording old electronic devices like VHS, old computer, floppy disk while it’s operating, during several months in 2019, and collected it. Per the artist statement, (e)rase is a reflection on the premature and programmed obsolescence of all of our products, mainly electronic, but also questions on the future of stored data (why, how, for how long, at what price for the environment, etc). While seems paradoxical, it is an effort of a self-critique which at the same time sculpting a commemoration on the temporal relationship between human and technology.

A: Part 1
B: Part 2

Edition of 100. Hand-stamped pro-dubbed C30 NAC super-ferric cassette tape with recto/verso printed silver card. Made & duped in USA. Printed in Indonesia. Including download code of high quality digital version. Download includes digital only bonus track.

$ 9 International / Rp 100k Indonesia (please use email for domestic order)

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